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vCloud Director SAML/SSO FAIL OMG

2 minute read

:warning: Disclaimer: Use at your own risk!  Be smart and contact VMware GSS if this is a production environment!  This was in my lab so your mileage may var...

AutoLab on VMware Fusion Documentation

less than 1 minute read

So after my last post about the VMware Fusion and AutoLab goodness, I was pinged by Alastair Cooke on Twitter about possibly writing up the documentation for...

AutoLab on VMware Fusion

1 minute read

I have noticed that you can’t find much about installing the AutoLab on a Mac running VMware Fusion.  Here are some notes on getting it going.  The first thi...

VMworld 2012 Session (OPS-CIM1274)

less than 1 minute read

Looks like I will be speaking at VMworld on a panel session with Thomas Corfmat, Igor Stoyanov, Sean Harrison, and Vivienne Cleveland: