vCNS Manager Users and vCenter Group Authentication

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Figured I would post this since it didn’t seem that this was documented anywhere.  This is in regards to utilizing a vCenter Group for authentication into the vCNS Manager UI.  Most of the time, with AD credentials, we tend to use the shortname.  For instance, VSENTIAL\james or VSENTIAL\vCNS Admins, is what we would assume would be proper for use.  When adding a vCenter User to the vCNS Manager Users it works with the shortname.  Alas, when using the same method for vCenter Group it doesn’t allow anyone to login who is part of that group.  Come to find out you need to use the FQDN in the group string.  For example, vsential.lab\vCNS Admins.

Just figured I would document this since it isn’t stated in the vCNS 5.5 documentation or anywhere else I could find.  Hope this saves someone from frustration and wasting time!  Enjoy!

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