vCO Usage Survey Call For Help!

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As many of you know, what drives innovation is the voice of the community and people using the products provided to us by companies like VMware.  There are too many times when I here people state that a particular feature was not needed or is useless or negative things of that nature.  Well, I am here to put something in front of you to help vCenter Orchestrator become the tool that you have always wanted it to be…well…maybe not that but close.  There is a vCO Usage Survey that has been kind of circulating around, the point of this survey is to find out how vCO is being used and what features need to be released before others.  This is key to the direction that the product team takes in bringing the “innovation” to your fingertips.  So without further ado, here is the link to the survey:

vCO Usage Survey -

Do yourself, me, and the vCO Product Team a favor…go fill out the survey!  Help drive the innovation of a great tool!

Who knows, if there is a great response (500+ responses), I might just have some awesome giveaways to put together a vCO contest!  DO IT!

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