VMworld 2013 US/EMEA - VCM4875: Getting Started with vCenter Orchestrator

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I am very excited to announce that I had a session accepted for presentation at both VMworld US and EMEA this year!  I will be presenting with my good friend Thomas Corfmat (@tcorfmat), Senior Product Manager at VMware.  This session will take you through the steps for deploying/configuring vCO, along with some good day-to-day use cases.  Here is the abstract:

[box color=”blue” icon=”accept”]VMware’s push for the Software-Defined Datacenter brings some interesting challenges to the desk of the VMware Architects, Engineers, and Administrators. In order to drive innovation we need to be able to automate certain aspects of our jobs within the virtual infrastructure. VMware vCenter Orchestrator is a tool that can do this. A daunting task at first but with this session you will see that it is very simple to get started with some basic tasks. In this technical session, we’ll go through installation workflow creation/modification, and day-to-day use cases.[/box]

I am honored to have this opportunity to present at such a great conference!  I hope to bring some awesome content for everyone to show that within the Software-Defined Data Center automation/orchestration are key to the success of this shift.  We will also be giving away some goodies too!  So be sure to come join me for this awesome session!  See you there!

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