VMworld 2013 Session Voting Open

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Ladies and gentlemen, the VMworld 2013 Session Voting has begun!  I have submitted a couple of sessions both by myself and with some fellow colleagues.  You will need a VMworld ID in order to vote.

Bilal Hashmi (cloud-buddy.com) and I will be presenting Session ID 4873, vCenter: The Unsung Hero, where we will dive into the importance of the availability of vCenter and how it affects the services around it that tie into it.  We will touch on some best practices and other solutions to aid in building a resilient vCenter.

Dan Mitchell (vCO Sr. Product Manager) and I will be presenting Session ID 5703, Supercharging vSphere Web Client with vCenter Orchestrator (vCO), where we will dive into how to extend the functionality of the vSphere Web Client with the awesome-sauce of vCO.

Lastly, I will also be presenting Session ID 4875, vCenter Orchestrator: A Beginner’s Guide, where I will embark on the journey of what vCO is and how you can use it to extend your cloud automation and orchestration.  I will be taking the stance of presenting in a manner that will bring light to anyone who is new to vCO!

Here is a screen of the sessions: VMworld 2013 Sessions

If you are interested and want to learn some cool stuff then go vote for the sessions, it would be greatly appreciated!  You can vote by going to VMworld 2013 Public Voting and clicking on the “Thumbs Up” icon by the session name.  Be sure to filter by either Session ID or my name to get the above list.  There are quite a few awesome sessions this year and hopefully, with your help, I will bring some of that awesomeness to the table!




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