vCO Webviews/Perspectives Default Values Issue

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So today I was running some workflows that will be needed in the next week or so and found that they suddenly did not work in Webviews or Perspectives.  The only change recently was my upgrade of my vCO appliances.  For some odd reason the auto-generated default values I would create in the workflow would not populate.  After some soul searching and asking on VMTN, I was directed to a KB that was released recently by Christophe Decanini (@vCOTeam).

Some issues occur in vCenter Orchestrator 4.2.1 weboperator Web view. For example, when you use default values for input parameters in a workflow, run the workflow from the weboperator Web view, and then you change some of the parameters, the default values are not updated correctly. Another issue is that you cannot schedule a workflow by using the weboperator Web view.

You can get to the KB article here:

The fix is a simple replace of a jar file and restart of the Orchestrator services.

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