VMTN Subscription Coming Back?

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So there has been a spark of another conversation regarding the VMTN Subscription.  For those of you who are unaware of what this is/was, it was a service similar to Microsoft’s MSDN Subscription which allowed, for a flat yearly fee, users to be able to run VMware’s software within your lab environment.

Should VMware bring this back to light?  In my opinion, yes, this would definitely be a smart move.  Not only would this benefit those of us who have home labs, it would then be extended to others who could not originally do this.  It would allow companies to maintain a similar lab and also allow for even more exposure for VMware and their line of products.

It has been verified by Duncan Epping at Yellow Bricks that the message has been heard and the talks are stirring.  I urge you to follow both the above linked conversation on the VMTN forums and also follow the #VMTNrevolution hash tag on Twitter.  The more we push for it, the more likely VMware is to answer our call.  So don’t be shy, help start the #VMTNrevolution and support the push today!  Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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