AppAssure Replay 4 for vSphere Backup and Restore

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So we all know who the big players in the VMware virtualization backup game are…Veeam, vRanger, PHDvirtual…to name a few of the more common ones.  A new one has come into the mainstream, AppAssure.  AppAssure has a product called Replay.

I had the pleasure of watching a short video regarding the solution which you can see below.  AppAssure Replay is taking things a step further and attempting to consolidate both the physical and virtual backup worlds.  Their product allows for restore on to either virtual or physical machines and even to different hardware in the physical world.  I know from talking with some virtualization customers in the past that this is one thing that people think needs to happen.  That is truly a matter for debate and a different post.  My personal opinion is that if someone can do it and do it well…then by all means bring it!  (Yes, I said bring it…like the movie Bring It On…)

After reading a bit about the product and watching the introduction video, I am excited to actually see it in motion.  Some of the features that are exciting to see are the failover to virtual machine for physical servers, the snapshot compression and dedupe, and the automated application recovery validation.  I also want to see if their claim to being the world’s fastest backup and recovery stands true.  (Does that mean a possible post comparing different solutions?)

Check out the video below and I should have another post coming soon regarding my trials and tribulations with the product!  You can also check out AppAssure’s site by going to

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