The VPP? Answer to vRAM Entitlement Outburst?

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On July 27, 2011 VMware announced a new licensing purchase program dubbed the VMware Volume Purchasing Program or VPP for short.  The VPP was created as a points based system that will entitle enrolled customers to discounts ranging from 4% to 12% off of MSRP.  To me this sounds a lot like Microsoft’s license tiering. VMware will have it broken into 4 different tiers, seen here:

[caption id=”attachment_430” align=”aligncenter” width=”321” caption=”VPP Discount Levels”][/caption]

VMware has published a document, VMware Volume Purchasing Program Guide, that describes the licensing framework.  It seems that the key benefits are much the same with Microsoft licensing in that you receive a higher discount the more you purchase.  One of the advantages to this would be that you will be able to simplify your licensing costs, so VMware says.  I, personally, have always found points based licensing schemes to be a headache.

The points earned are maintained through a rolling eight quarter accumulation period.  The discount received is good for a period of two years.  As with Microsoft Licensing, there is a minimum purchase requirement in order to qualify for the discount and to add to your accumulated points.  According to the document the minimum purchase is 250 points.

I found something very interesting in this document that I don’t actually recall seeing in any other licensing document from VMware.  They state in this document that they now reserve the right to audit at any time.  Now this is typically an understood deal with licensing and shouldn’t cause any ruckus but who knows these days.

A question now pops in my head, “Was this released in lieu of the response on vRAM Entitlements?”  Answer:  I don’t know but it sure does feel like it.  My belief is that this is to attempt to offset the costs that could be incurred by certain customers who may have to purchase additional vRAM Entitlements.  What do you guys think?

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