vSMP VMs and Per CPU Licensed Applications

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I have the handy vCalendar by Jason Boche sitting on my desk here at work and as I was tearing through the days of this weekend I came across one tidbit that is extremely handy to know.

August 28th talks about vSMP VMs and Applications which license per CPU.  Jason has a great tip that allows the application to see logical CPUs instead of Physical CPUs:

  1. Power off the VM & Edit the VM Settings
  2. Options tab
  3. General (in the Advanced options section)
  4. Configuration Parameters
  5. Add Row
  6. Enter “cpuid.coresPerSocket” in the Name column
  7. Enter a value of 2 or 4 in the Value column

Figured that this would be nice to share with everyone!

Sourced from:  vCalendar by Jason Boche

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